26 August 2022

Working at Grafityp: the advantages for our employees

2022.08.25 - Our people are the driving force behind Grafityp. Without our colleagues, we wouldn't be where we are today. They are our greatest asset. That's why we focus on our pillar 'People' to build lasting relationships with our employees and a great working atmosphere. Discover in this blog the advantages of working at Grafityp for our employees.

Our point of departure? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.
We focus on good health & well-being (3), gender equality (5) and reducing inequality (10).

Equal opportunities

Everyone gets equal opportunities at Grafityp. In crucial positions, men and women together set the course of our company – with the same pay, of course. Furthermore, we employ employees from different backgrounds, religions and around 10 nationalities.

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Well-being at work

The well-being of our employees is a top priority. We want to prevent every occupational accident by means of risk analyses and preventive measures. We improve our infrastructure, working methods, etc. in function of our staff. Just think of new skylights in our production halls, safer lifting and hoisting equipment, an AED unit, welfare training, etc.

We also offer an advantageous bicycle lease formula. Did you know that no less than one in four employees is registered for the formula? Nothing nicer than cycling to work in the morning! Moreover, we organise an annual medical check-up and help long-term sick people with a reintegration programme at work.

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Confidential advisor

At Grafityp we think it’s important that everyone feels good at work. If there was something on your mind, until recently you could go to Patricia for a chat. In addition to being the HR Manager, she was also the confidential advisor. “Together we looked at the possibilities and, if necessary, found an appropriate solution. Because her range of duties is becoming too wide, we are now looking internally for a new confidential advisor among the employees. “We have already had a lot of positive reactions,” says Patricia.

Attractive employer

‘Grafityp makes you stick’, i.e. literally. The average employee has been working for Grafityp for over 17 years and no less than 40% of the employees have been working for Grafityp for over 20 years. We strive for this by focusing on a competitive salary, extra-legal benefits and a pleasant working environment. The bi-annual meetings with (former) employees and dealers are proof of that, an event that can always count on a large turnout. At the end of September, there is another one! In addition, we regularly organise activities and team building events for our employees. Recently, for example, there was a pleasant summer drink to kick off the holiday!

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Family business

Grafityp is a real family business. Literally but also figuratively. The informal atmosphere also prevails in the office corridors and the factory. You can go to your colleagues for questions and a pleasant chat. We know each other by our first names, at Grafityp you’re not a number. As an employee you are an integral part of the family.

What colleagues have to say

We like to let our employees have their say. They answer the question: “What makes Grafityp a great place to work?”