21 February 2024

Wrap Guide: Car Wrap

21.02.2023 - What type of wrap is the best to use on an aircraft? And which film is your go-to when your customer asks for a special gloss effect? Grafityp is here to help! In this Wrap Guide: Car Wrapping you'll discover everything you need to know about fleet wrapping.

Wrap Guide Car Wrapping

Which car wrapping film do you choose?

Grafityp offers various types of car wrapping films. Films you can print on, films to protect your paintwork, standard films and decorative films. Whether you are tackling the latest Porsche or a Mercedes Sprinter van, there is a film for every application.

The various types of car wrap films

Printable car wrap films

The four printable car wrap films are suitable for wrapping any vehicle, ranging from vans to aircraft. Moreover, they are equipped with ‘Air Escape Technology’, which prevents air bubbles from forming and speeds up adhesion.

  • AE38P
    – High initial tack
    – Life span: 10 years
    – Grey adhesive
  • AE38C
    – Low initial tack
    – Easily slidable
    – Life span: 10 years
    – Grey adhesive
  • PU50C
    – Low initial tack
    – Sustainable, PVC-free alternative to AE38C
    – Easily repositionable
    – Life span: 10 years
    – Flexible material
  • GT38SL
    – Very low initial tack
    – Easily repositionable
    – Warm up for maximum adhesion
    – Life span: 10 years

Paint Protection Films (PPF)

To protect car paintwork, Grafityp offers various Paint Protection Films. The transparent films protect the paintwork against splashing stones, scratches, salts and UV rays.

Discover the PPF range:
SCP02 | SCP15 | P110M | P110G

Bekijk hieronder hoe je de Paint Protection Film aanbrengt:

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Standard films

Apart from the printable car wrap films and the Paint Protection Films, Grafityp also offers four standard car wrapping films.

  • MSC
    – Extremely flexible and slidable
    – Life span: up to 5 years
    – Matt effect
  • GSC
    – Extremely flexible and slidable
    – Life span: up to 5 years
    – Glossy effect
  • MPW
    – Very robust
    – Life span: up to 3 years
    – Matt effect
  • GPW
    – Very robust
    – Life span: up to 3 years
    – Glossy effect
AMD (5)

Decorative films

Is your customer looking for a more special finish for his or her (van) car?  Then choose one of our decorative films.


Wrap Guide: How to apply Car Wraps

You have chosen your ideal car wrapping film, now it is time to apply the film to the vehicle. Depending on the film you have chosen, you will need to use a different technique. Our wrap expert Rudi gives tips on how to wrap different car parts.

Applicatie car wrap films
  • Preparation
    Good preparation is half the battle. Clean the vehicle a day in advance. This way you can be sure that the vehicle is completely dry and that no water can run behind the rubbers and indents. Place the car in a well-lit, dust-free environment with a constant temperature between 17°C and 24°C. Your film should also be sufficiently acclimatised. Tip: Remove unnecessary parts such as the number plate in advance to facilitate the wrapping process.
  • Avoiding air bubbles
    Nothing as annoying as air bubbles under your film during or after wrapping. The solution, according to wrap expert Rudi: “Press harder with your squeegee, that way you will rub out the bubbles.”
  •  Wrap a door
    It is best to wrap a car door in a set pattern.
    Place the film on the door and rub it on from top to bottom with your squeegee.
    2. Heat the film with a hot-air gun (250°C). Stretching makes it easier to wrap the indents on the door.
    3. Does an air bubble appear under the film? Pull the film loose and reheat it, pulling the film taut.
    4. Once you have done the entire door, reheat the film to 350°C. This way you reactivate the adhesive and ensure optimal adhesion.
  • Wrap a double indent
    An image says more than a thousand words.
    Watch the application video on how to wrap a double indent below.


Need personal support? We organise car wrapping trainings at our headquarters in Houthalen. Our in-house wrapping specialist Rudi Zoons teaches you the tricks of the trade. Really get to grips with wrapping this way!

Car wrapping training