23 December 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

23.12.2020 – The Grafityp team wishes to end this sad year with a positive dance …


GRAFITYP was challenged by its South African distributor MAIZEY PLASTICS to perform the JERUSALEMA dance. We have taken up this challenge with washed and disinfected hands. Completely Corona-proof, the dancers (mix between management and employees) have given themselves completely. And taking into account the time of the year, we did it in CHRISTMAS STYLE!

We therefore want to end this sad year on a cheerful note and hope that 2021 will bring us a much better and CORONA-free year. At the time of this writing we see that the first promising vaccinations are being administered here and there! As a result, we also hope that we can visit each other again soon, so that we can present our many plans for 2021 together with you…

For the continuation of this story, we want to challenge our SUBSIDIARY in England, Grafityp UK, to perform the JERUSALEMA dance sometime in the beginning of the new year. We hope this will give Grafityp UK a sparkle of pleasure in the difficult circumstances in which the country currently finds itself.

To you, dear GRAFITYP customers, we wish you all a very happy, HEALTHY and successful 2021!