Grafityp: pioneer in sustainable films

Choose PVC-free products and contribute to a more sustainable world. Our line of Grafityp Ecological Films (GEF) is the sustainable alternative to the current range of PVC films and self-adhesive films. These environmentally friendly products are free of harmful substances and good for people and the environment.

Advantages of PVC-free products

  •  Solvent-free adhesive.
  •  Free of PVC, phthalates, chlorine and plasticisers.

A durable production

During the production process, CO2 is reduced considerably, virtually no natural gas is released, and significantly less electricity is used. The production waste of our polyolefin films are 100% recyclable: an external partner recycles the films for applications such as pens, flower pots and storage containers. The processed materials from our recycled GEF products are also popular in the automotive industry.

The films are extensively tested and certified (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).

We have more than 80 PVC-free films:
 lettering films
 sandblast films
 wall deco
 wrapping film
 glossy and matt
 with and without air escape
 POS applications