30 marzo 2023

Print media in the spotlight: floor graphics for outdoor use

30.03.2023 - Now that spring is in the air, people are getting outside more. The ideal time to invest in floor graphics for outdoor use. Wondering which self-adhesive solutions we offer for this purpose? Find out in this blog.

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Floors are difficult substrates for films. It is a challenge to provide solutions that are and stay good, no matter how many feet shuffle over them. Outside, the challenge is even greater because the floor sticker has to withstand all kinds of weather.

That is why Grafityp offers two matching floor graphics especially for outdoor use. A print film (STREETPR) and a matching laminate (STREETFLOOR) for protection.


The Grafiprint STREETPR film is a white glossy polymeric PVC floor graphic print film.

It is ideal for short-term outdoor use on rough substrates. Think concrete, pavements, car parks… The film has a special high-tack adhesive layer that ensures that the floor sticker remains firmly in place, in all weather conditions and for up to 6 months. The silicone anti-slip layer is an added bonus in wet weather.

Tip: Always combine the STREETPR film with the STREETFL protective laminate for optimum application results.


Grafiprint STREETFL a transparent polymeric laminate with strong anti-slip properties. Also in wet conditions. The PVC floor graphic laminate with glass particles was specially developed to protect the STREETPR film. Ideal for outdoor use on rough substrates.

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