Environmental care is of utmost importance within the Grafityp group.

Grafityp are striving for a continuous improvement of their environmental performances, taking into account the prevention principles, technological developments and economical practicability. Grafityp pay a lot of attention to an exact observance of the ever stricter and evolving legislation, like e.g. the European REACH regulation (Registration, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

In the past Grafityp have taken various steps in-house in order to limit the environmental impact:

  • Thermal afterburner, which limits the emissions into the air to an absolute minimum
  • Processing hierarchy of waste products
  • Consciously manage and limit waste streams
  • Choose for less damaging materials
  • Safely cope with harmful products
  • Development and production of ecological GEF films
  • Installation of “green” charging stations, which allow every Grafityp visitor to charge their electric vehicle for free
  • Energy-efficient re-lighting

Grafityp will continue investing in energy-saving measurements, a durable purchasing policy and durable innovation.

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